Rent a Bike with Routes

Rent a Bike with Routes

“Follow your own path”

Rent an All Terrain Bike with helmet and handle bar bag. Choose one of our great routes which cover the best parts of the Western Algarve.

Cycle recreationally or fanatically, on tarmac or off-road; make your choice! The routes take you through the heart of the West Algarve.

Discover the quaint narrow streets of the cobbled road villages, the terraced fields with wild flowers surrounded by dry stone walls and the warm hospitality of the Portuguese people.

The Algarve is a land of contrast, set your own pace and immerse yourself in a culture and heritage that is both unique and exceptional.

The routes are available with distances between 35 and 95 kilometres, from easy going tarmac to the beach, to roads climbing up to the Monchique Mountains. All routes contain information about cultural and historical sites, about where to lunch or to have a swim and give you clear instructions where to go.

We don’t like cars whilst cycling, so the routes go as much as possible on back roads; off the beaten track!

Bike routes

– Green route, Monchique:

This route is heading 350 meters above sea level, with some hard climbs. Therefore much condition is required, however the technical difficulty grade is low. This route is on tarmac roads and you will cycle in the mainland of Portugal with only few buildings in small villages.

Fitness level required nº 3, difficulty C.

– Orange route, Barragem de Bravura:

Almost the entire route is off-road and therefore you will just pass few buildings during the 35 kilometres you are cycling. This route requires a good condition and you surely need some experience with mountain biking.

Fitness level required nº 3, difficulty D.

– Blue route, Alvor:

This route is heading next to the coast and in some rural areas of Portugal. You will also see a lot of buildings, especially next to the coast. Almost the entire route is on tarmac roads and only a few hills need to be climbed. Therefor the route is suitable for inexperienced cyclists.

Fitness level required nº 2, difficulty B.

– Black route, Lagos:

While cycling to Meia Praia and Ponte de Piedade you will cycle off road and on normal tarmac roads. Lagos is a one of the most popular tourist cities in the Algarve with many buildings. This route contains few climbs and has a distance of 40 kilometers.

Fitness level required nº 2, difficulty C.

– Yellow route, Barão São João:

This tarmac route leads you to the backyards of the Algarve, heading from village to village. Only in the end you will cycle a short part on gravel roads and therefore the route is not technical. Condition is required, since there are a few climbs.

Fitness level required nº 3, difficulty C.

– Red route, Silves:

The route to Silves has beautiful views and you can visit the castle of Silves. While cycling on mostly tarmac roads you will need experience and a good condition to do this 65 kilometre long trip. During the trip you will see few buildings, since you are cycling in the rural landscape of the Algarve.

Fitness level required nº 3, difficulty C.


The minimum time to rent our bikes is 3 days. Each bike is checked, cleaned and tested.

3 days 58.50€ per bike (minimum)

extra days 16,50€ per bike per day

Delivery is free when:

– you hire 2 bikes or more

– you stay in the area Portimão or Lagos.

Your bike comes with:

– adjustable helmet

– handlebar bag

– a spare tube + pump

– repairset per booking + locks

You will be hiring a 2016/2017 model Giant 29-er, available in various sizes

See more about the bikes here: