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Kayak Tour from Lagos Marina

Depart for this Kayak Tour from Lagos Marina on a catamaran. Get launched by kayak from the on-board ramp, then explore the captivating caves, grottos, and rock formations with your kayak guide. Relax back on the catamaran, swim, or simply enjoy in the ocean’s beauty. Enjoy the personal attention provided to our limited group of 12 guests. Onboard amenities include some refreshments and a toilet.

You will love this when you:

✅ like the comfort of having a support boat nearby
✅ prefer to paddle mainly downwind
✅ bring young children to have a family experience

Kayak Tour from Lagos Marina

We launch your kayak at sea

Once arrived near the beach of Praia Dona Ana the launch ramp will be lowered. Now it´s your time to glide into the crystal clear waters with your kayak. With our kayak guide, you will paddle through the caves, arches and smaller grottoes.

Our certified local guides reveal the secrets, culture, and history of this marvellous coast. Our catamaran boat provides comfort and support for a delightful cave exploration experience along the natural coastline.

Kayak Tour from Lagos Marina

Paddle mainly downwind

The good bit of this tour is that you will be paddling mainly downwind. At the end of the Ponta da Piedade coastline, the catamaran support boat will be waiting for you to return back aboard together with your kayak.

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Kayak Tour from Lagos Marina

Swimming and relaxing aboard

During the tour, our catamaran will accompany the group, ensuring your utmost comfort and safety. After your kayak adventures of fully exploring the coast and venturing deep into the caves, the group will return to the boat. Here, you’ll have approximately 20 minutes to dive into the pristine waters, swim, capture picturesque moments, and savour the memories, if the sea conditions permit.

After soaking in the sun, and the stunning views, and enjoy the cruise back to Lagos town.

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Kayak Launch from Lagos Marina
Kayak Cave Tour from Lagos Marina

Highlights Kayak Tour from Lagos Marina:

  • Marvel at the skyline of Lagos from a unique perspective by boat.
  • Toilet and storage for your valuables on board
  • Easy launching of the kayaks at sea
  • A true family-friendly experience, also for the younger ones
  • Easy downwind paddling allows for more cave exploration
  • Comfortable return by boat against the sometimes strong North wind

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Kayak Tour from Lagos Marina

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