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Ocean Kayak Rent

Ocean kayak rent let you discover Ponta da Piedade and explore this magnificent area yourself.

The sit-on-top kayaks are easy to handle and safe for ocean use. We rent out these kayaks only to experienced ocean kayakers with swimming skills. Knowledge of wind, waves or white-water kayaking and self-rescue techniques are necessary.

The conditions in the morning are normally very gentle but do change sometimes in just half an hour. The afternoons are mostly more windy. Fitness level required nº 4, difficulty D.

We recommend all others to join us on our guided trips. The guide is a specialist and carries communication equipment to contact the support boat which is stand-by in case of demand. Our guides are constantly up-to-date with the local weather, wave and wind conditions.

In case you wish to go for the ocean kayak rent, please contact the rental company on Praia da Batata.

lagos ocean kayak rent

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