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You will love this when you:
✅ explore the stunning natural scenery on your own
✅ prefer to explore the beauty of nature by yourself
✅ have enough paddling experience to go alone

Lagos Ocean Kayak Rent

When you choose Ocean Kayak Rent, you will open the door to a world of natural beauty along the Lagos coastline. As you paddle through the crystal-clear waters, you’ll witness breathtaking views of pristine beaches, majestic cliffs, and fascinating marine life. Explore hidden coves at your own pace, venture into sea caves, and enjoy time on secluded beaches that are only accessible by kayak.

The Lagos coastline is a treasure trove waiting to be explored, and Lagos kayak rental allows you to immerse yourself in its wonders, without following a group.

lagos ocean kayak rent

How to Navigate Ponta da Piedade Self-Guided

Feel assured that our hired double kayaks are self-draining and unsinkable.

Basic kayaking requirements:

It helps when at least one paddler has some kayak experience and both must have swimming skills.
Basic knowledge of wind and waves and self-rescue techniques is necessary.

Top tips for navigating the caves by kayak:

✅ When meeting other kayaks or boats, keep right and make your intentions clear to avoid a collision.
✅ In case there are waves, do not enter any small caves.
✅ Inside the caves stay in your kayak, don’t swim there.
✅ The conditions in the morning are normally very gentle whereas the afternoons are mostly windier.
Fitness level required nº 3, difficulty C

Feel the Beauty of Nature

since 2001

Ocean Kayak Rent vs Guided Kayak Tour

Ponta da Piedade is a stunning stretch of coastline, and multiple companies offer guided kayak tours.
There are so many caves, grottoes, tunnels and small beaches to explore.
This might have sparked the idea to rent a kayak and explore this area of outstanding beauty by yourself.
However, there are some pros and cons to consider.

Pros – Ocean Kayak Rent in Lagos

  • Enjoy total freedom of finding your route
  • Choose to stay longer in a breathtaking cave or deserted beach
  • Share unique experiences only with your partner & not with 10 others

Cons of Lagos Kayak Rental

  • Be alert for changing weather conditions
  • Apply self-rescue techniques if needed/ there is no motorboat following you
  • Carry equipment between the shop on the parking and the beach – and back

In case you´re convinced self-guiding is the way you wish to paddle along the natural beauty of Lagos coastline,
please reserve your kayak now!

The guide is a specialist and carries communication equipment to contact the support boat which is following the group. Our guides are constantly up-to-date with the local weather, wave and wind conditions.

They will also explain everything about the local wildlife, flora and fauna.

Ocean kaak rent from the beach

Book now for 2 locations:

Praia Dona Ana

  • Pro: start in the middle of all the rock formations, caves and arches
  • Con: carry the kayak/SUP down the stairs to the beach and carry it back up the stairs to the parking to return it (sorry – the license doesn´t allow us to deliver services and operate on/from the beach)

Porto do Mos

  • Pro: kayak will be handed at beach level – no heavy carrying to do
  • Con: allow a 20-minute paddle to the first caves and be more exposed to wind and waves on this stretch

Map Ponta da Piedade

meeting points on map of ponta da piedade lagos

Choose between 2 time slots

Whether you choose the Early Bird – Sunrise Hire, or the Day Hire from 8 am,
Lagos Kayak Hire offers a minimal two hours of paddle fun,
This is enough time to see the highlights of Ponta da Piedade.

However, if you want to
stop for a pick nick,
have a swim
or a short snorkel experience
on one of the hidden beaches of Ponta da Piedade,
you might consider 4 hours.

1. Early Bird – Sunrise Hire 06:00 – 08:00

Paddle through the calm waters of the Lagos coastline at sunrise and see the stunning views of the caves and rock formations unique to this area.

Paddling at sunrise is a magical experience that you won’t want to miss.

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* only available in the summer when the sun rises early

2. Day Hire between 08:00 – 20:00

Rest assured, the clock will only start when you arrive at the beach, even if it takes an additional 15 minutes to get ready.

Insider Tip: book a slot in the morning as the sea is calmer

algarve online booking calendar

If you wish to book 4 hours, start to secure the first 2-hour slot and then come back please to book the next 2-hour slot.

✅ After your reservation, you will receive instantly an email confirmation with your invoice receipt attached.
✅ You will also receive a link to a map with the meeting point.
✅ You can cancel anytime up to 24 hours and receive a full refund.
✅ In case the weather and wind conditions are not in favour of kayaking we will issue you an immediate refund.

What is included with our Double Kayak Hire in Lagos:

Lagos Ocean Kayak Rent offers experienced paddlers a self-guided experience to the stunning coastline of Ponta da Piedade in Portugal.

Each Kayak Rental includes:

  • 1 large sit-on-top kayak for 2 adults up to 300kg
  • 2 buoyancy aids per Kayak
  • 2 double paddles per kayak
  • 2 backrests per Kayak
  • 1 dry bag per Kayak

What is not included:

  • a kayak guide
  • a support boat
  • explanations about local flora and fauna
  • carrying the equipment from our shop to the waterline on the beach and back up the stairs
  • unfortunately, we don´t have a single kayak, but you can hire a SUP board and we provide you with a seat/backrest and a kayak paddle. Before you book the double kayak(s), please check availability and book here your SUP board.

What to bring in the kayak:

  • a bottle of water
  • a light snack or some fruit
  • sun protection (50+ in the summer)
  • a hat
  • a safety cord for your glasses
  • a mobile phone with a full battery


How can I book 4 hours?

In case you want to book 4 hours, start by booking the first 2-hour slot and then return to book the following 2-hour slot.

Do you have single kayaks?

Unfortunately, currently, we have only double kayaks, however a small child (< 5 yrs) can sit in the middle.

What to do when we are with an unequal number (for example 3 friends or a family of 5)

We suggest hiring double kayaks for all and for 1 person hire a SUP. We will then strap a kayak seat with a backrest to the SUP and provide you with a double kayak paddle. Before you book the double kayaks, please check availability and book here

During which times is Kayaking along Ponta da Piedade allowed?

Kayaking is only allowed during daylight hours, up to one hour before sunset.

In which area is Kayaking forbidden?

During the bathing season, it is forbidden to practice kayaking in areas designated for swimmers usually marked by yellow buoys in the sea.

How far from the shore can I go?

Our Kayaks should not go further than 300 meters from the shore.

What safety equipment is required for sea kayaking?

Kayaking requires the mandatory use of a buoyancy aid or lifejacket per person

What should I do in case of an accident?

In the event of an accident, you must have a mobile phone capable of contacting the national emergency number (112). We advise you to bring a mobile and store it in a waterproof container or in our dry bag.

With which weather type should I not go sea kayaking from Lagos on my own?

In addition to bad weather warnings, sea kayaking should not be carried out in winds of more than F4 on the Beaufort scale (16 knots) and in seas with waves above 1 meter high. In case you have booked and we advise you not to go due to bad weather, we will issue an immediate refund.

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