Winter Kayaking

Winter Kayaking

The warm and sunny warm winter days in the Algarve, make it a prefect location for ocean kayaking. We reckon the time from November until half April as the season for Winter kayaking.

The water temperatures from the Atlantic Ocean are generally between 16 and 18° C, and the sun isn´t that strong, so air temperatures mostly are between 18 and 20° C.

During the winter you will stay comfortably warm with our neopreen/shorty wetsuits of 2 mm.

We recommend to wear a long sleeve t-shirt or fleece over the wetsuit, and under the swim vest.

On the first part of the tour there will be a short break on a deserted beach. On the second part a longer stop on another beach is planned.

Enjoy here your packed lunch or a snack/lunch at the beach bar. From this beach you can experience the underwater world with our snorkelling equipment.

We run the winter trips every day, depending on bookings and availability. The kayak trip will start at 11h00 and finish at 15h00, so we can enjoy the warmest part of the day.

In the winter months the weather conditions are not every week perfect for kayaking. We recommend you to give us a short mail to see when we have planned our next Winter Kayaking trip. In case we think it´s not safe to go out, we will suggest you another day.

Fitness level required nº 3, difficulty C.

The price for this 4 hours winter kayak experience is € 35 pp. and includes a stable double Sit-on Ocean Kayak, a water proof bag, snorkel equipment and 2 mm wetsuit available in various sizes (S – XXL). There is a dedicated motor boat following the group all the time.