“Natural, Authentic and Fun”

Get to know Portugal in a complete different way by exploring this charming country by foot. Visit amazing historical villages and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Outdoor-Tours.com has been hiking in the Algarve since 1996. We hiked and explored the most interesting and beautiful nature areas in the Algarve and created several great routes for you. Discover a landscape where you will have the feeling that time truly stood still. Visit ancient villages where you will see people still following a traditional way of life, distant from the large scale tourist developments on the coast. Experience a world of brightly colored regions and where every month of the year has its own particular characteristics:

The spring time starts in January with its full yellow colored mimosa.

In February you will enjoy the white/pink flowers of the almond blossom.

March is known for its orchids, many sprouting herbs, and the rock roses tinting the hills of the Algarve hills in white, red and yellow.

In April you will smell the sweet blossom of the orange trees.

In May you will be able try the fresh taste of the “néspera”.

In June you can eat the first fresh figs.

July and August are very hot months and the sardines have an excellent taste! The carob is ready to to be pick.

In September it’s time to pick the olives and the grapes.

In October the almonds are delicious.

November is known for its wild chestnuts.

In December the first sweet oranges are ripe and ready to be eaten.