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Lagos Walking Tour

Lagos, by a Portuguese historian.
The Lagos Walking Tour brings you fun facts about the Celtic iron age, Roman settlements and the Middle Ages in Lagos.

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You will love this when you:
✅ enjoy a walk through Lagos’s history
✅ love to meet a fun Portuguese historian
✅ have booked a kayak tour in the afternoon

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Lagos Walking Tour

Lagos is a charming Portuguese town known for its rich history, beautiful coastline, and vibrant culture.
If you’re planning a trip to Lagos, one of the best ways to see the sights is to take a Lagos Walking Tour.
This tour takes you on a journey through time, highlighting the town’s maritime history,
traditional Portuguese dishes and pastries, street art, and tropical flora and fauna of the Algarve.

Portuguese Historian Tour Guide

The tour guide is not only a historian but also a foodie.
He was born and raised in Lagos and can recommend the best restaurants and coffee shops.
Your guide is a lively English-speaking storyteller who will show you the best street art and explain its significance!
With gravures, old photos and maps he will make his story alive and visible.
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Daily fresh market

The tour will take you first to the daily fresh market, where you can sample the region’s best seafood, fruits, vegetables, and traditional pastries. The market has a fantastic rooftop terrace with stunning views of the city and the Bay of Lagos, which is easily accessible via lift.

Portuguese pastries and seafood

Next, you’ll have the opportunity to sample some of the town’s most delicious traditional Portuguese dishes and pastries. Lagos is known for its fresh seafood, and your guide will take you to some of the best seafood restaurants in town. You’ll also get to taste some of the town’s famous pastries, such as the pastéis de nata, a creamy custard tart that’s a staple of Portuguese cuisine.

Street Art in Lagos and what it means

As you walk through the streets of Lagos, you’ll notice some stunning street art that adds to the town’s charm and character. Your guide will take you to some of the best street art spots, where you can admire the works of local artists and learn about the inspiration behind their creations. From colourful murals to intricate graffiti, the street art scene in Lagos is diverse and impressive.

Tropical flora and fauna of the Algarve

Finally, Lagos is home to a rich variety of Algarve tropical flora and fauna. The town’s location on the coast provides an ideal habitat for many species of birds, plants, and animals. On the Lagos Walking Tour, you’ll have the chance to see some of these species up close. From the almond blossom and orange trees that line the streets to the colourful birds that soar overhead, Lagos is a haven for nature lovers. Book Now

Lagos’s rich history with maritime influences

The journey continues with an intriguing overview of Lagos’ maritime history.
Your tour guide will take you back in time to the Celtic Iron Period when the town was known as Lacobriga.
You’ll discover the significance of the town in world history, its part in the discovery of exploration and slavery,
and how its port played an important role in the flow of goods between Europe and Africa.

Explore the Roman era first, learning about their activities and archaeological treasures,
then moving on to the Middle Ages Wall and urban trace created by the Portuguese.
From the Modern Era, your guide tells stories about Henry the Navigator’s life and legacy,
as well as his role in the discovery of exploration and slavery,
and you will see gravures, old photos, and photo reconstitutions of Lagos.
You’ll also learn about the significance of numerous monuments,
the old slave market, the Governor’s Castle, and the museum in St. Anthony’s Church.

And what happened to King Dom Sebastian in the Battle of the Three Kings in Morocco?

Meeting Point & Parking in Lagos

You meet in the centre of Lagos in front of the Tourist Office, which is at a 2 minutes walking from the underground parking. The meeting point is easy to find at the Praça de Gil Eanes and the walking guide wears a bright blue t-shirt. Remember to bring a photo camera. The walk ends 2 hours later at the same place where it starts.

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Lagos Walking Tour meeting point map

Conclusion about the Lagos Walking Tour

In conclusion, the Lagos Walking Tour is a must-do experience for anyone visiting Lagos.
This tour offers a unique perspective on the town’s history, culture, and natural beauty.
From the fascinating maritime history to the delicious traditional Portuguese dishes and pastries,
the vibrant street art, and the Algarve tropical flora and fauna, the Lagos Walking Tour has something for everyone.
So, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to explore Lagos and immerse yourself in its unique charm and culture.
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Best suited for

Everyone between 10-80 years with some recent walking experience and is capable to walk 1 ½ hours in the morning. The total distance is 2 km/ 1 mile.

Required fitness level nº 1, difficulty A


  • Walk with a Portuguese historian
  • Facts about local history and culture
  • Informal tips about best restaurants
  • Fun facts about living in Portugal

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This tour is an immersive and engaging way to experience Lagos,
as you explore its vibrant culture, history, and culinary scene with an expert guide.
By the end of it, you’ll look at Lagos with a completely new perception and appreciation for this beautiful town.

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