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Seven Hanging Valleys walk

Bring your photo camera on The Seven Hanging Valleys walk. This clifftop walk offers stunning views of the coastline near Praia de Marinha and Benagil. With free taxi return.

tripadvisor about seven-hanging-valleys-walk Great team – fabulous walks “We are a walking club from Fuengirola in Spain and 50 of us had arranged three days of walks with Frank and his team”

You will love this when you:
✅ enjoy coastal walks and it´s views
✅ feel comfortable to walk + 10 km
✅ prefer to walk with a guide for safety, inside information and fun

What are ´hanging valleys` ?

The ´hanging valleys` are eroded shapes in the soft limestone rocks caused by streams and rivers that find their way towards the beaches near the coastline. The rain carves out the coastline and creates small ´hanging` valleys. Benagil beach is one of them and you pass here around lunchtime.

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Day walk Itinerary The Seven Hanging Valleys walk

At 10h00 we meet at the public Parking from Suites Alba Resort & Spa. From here we will walk towards Praia da Marinha and Benagil.

The walking guide will lead you along the coast to Praia de Marinha. After Praia de Marinha you follow the shaded pine tree forest to beautiful Benagil. The trail follows the coastline to Carvoeiro.

Local lunch option

At Praia de Benagil we can stop and buy lunch. You can have a proper lunch on the beach, buy fruit on top of the rocks, or enjoy your own lunch pack on one of the benches overlooking the coastline with it´s golden cliffs and rocks.

In the afternoon you will continue your guided hike into west direction. We´ll walk along the coast with breathtaking views. Most of the tour will show you stunning views on the valleys and towards the coast.

Free taxi return

Enjoy the Seven Hanging Valleys walk into one direction and with our free taxi return to the beginning. The walk ends near Carvoeiro from where we arrange a taxi transfer back to the parking where your car is parked. Here at Suites Alba you will arrive at around 16h00.

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Best suited for

Everyone between 10-80 years with some recent walking experience and is capable to walk 1 1/2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

The tracks are covered in gravel, stones and not always even.

As the name of the walking suggests, there are 7 valleys, which are vary in depth between 20 – 50 metres. So count with some small climbs.

The total distance is 6 km/ 4 miles.

Required fitness level nº 2, difficulty B


  • Specialist walking guide
  • Info about local flora and fauna
  • Stop for lunch (self catering)
  • Free taxi return to start
  • Liability insurance
clean & safe guided Seven Hanging Valleys walk

Covid-19 “Clean & Safe”
Portugal takes Covid19 seriously and has low numbers of cases and fatalities. Algarve Outdoor Tours is committed to follow its coronavirus policy.

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