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Coronavirus policy

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Covid Algarve Protocol

2022 Covid-19 measures

Since the 17th March 2020 we have followed our coronavirus policy and have cancelled all activities. We have respected the new law with restrictions for business operations following the State of Emergency and later the State of Calamity that the Portuguese President has issued. 

Clean & Safe

Outdoor Tours is compliant, and committed to comply, with health safety recommendations issued by the National Tourism Authority according to National Health Authority guidelines:
✅ requirements for companies (PDF)
✅ benefits for you as a visitor
✅ latest current measures
✅ Europe travel advice

clean & safe coronavirus policy

Coronavirus policy in our
Meeting Point, Office & Bike storage

Our meeting point at the start and end of most of the bike tours is in Mexilhoeira Grande
where we have a multi-functional space that serves as our garage/warehouse/office.
Here our equipment is stored and we meet here for most of our tours.
In our office is a paper copy available of this coronavirus policy.

Adjustments in our tours:

  • respect reduced capacity in our cars and vans
  • use of face masks during transport
  • use of face mask when/if entering our storage
  • face mask use when entering a coffee place or restaurant
  • the maximum group size is 9 participants on the bike + 1 bike guide (= 10 people in total) In case your group is bigger, we employ a second staff member to support you
  • on the bike and cycling in a group we require minimum 3 metres /10 feet distance between the guide and other participants
  • cough or sneeze into the forearm or use a paper handkerchief, which should then be immediately thrown in the rubbish
  • always clean your hands after coughing or sneezing and after blowing your nose
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands
  • avoiding (when possible) close contact with clients and colleagues such as handshakes, kisses, face-to-face meetings
  • avoid sharing food, utensils, cups and towels.

It is clear that we need to follow new guidelines to avoid spreading the virus
and to protect ourselves and you as our customers. 

We have outlined below our Coronavirus policy for Outdoor Tours and Nature Activities.
Every activity has been screened on how we interact with each other.
We also looked at lunch places, transport and how to clean equipment.

Use of facemask

In all public places and transport you are required to use a facemask. Should you not have your own facemask, you can buy one from us. These facemask follow the guidelines from the Portuguese General Directorate of Health and cost €1 each mask.

Wash your hands

We advise washing your hands with soap and water as much as possible and especially before and after touching our bike and helmet and entering our car. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds and see more advice at NHS or WHO websites on how to best wash your hands. If soap and water is not available please use alcohol based hand sanitisers.

Maintain distance

Please maintain a safe 2 metre distance between our guide(s) and other participants. As part of the national guidelines and coronavirus policy during our bike tours this needs to be 3 metres between other participants and guide(s).

Sterilisation of our equipment

All equipment will be cleaned and sterilised after each activity. This is for:

  • bike helmets: each used helmet will be dipped for 30 minutes into a large bucket with water, dishwasher soap and bleach. It will then dry overnight. See more here: https://helmets.org/clean.htm
  • cycling gloves: our cycling gloves will be washed in our washing machine at 60º C after each use. We will ask you to put the cycling gloves you used in a washing net provided by us.
  • mountain bikes: after each bike tour the bikes will be washed with a mix of water, soap and bleach. This will be applied with a hand brush and washed off with a power jet. Especially the handlebar, shifters, brake handles and the seat and seat clamp will be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Our colleague(s) involved in the cleaning process will use clean gloves and these will be washed at 60º C at the end of the day in order to not waste too much.

Hand hygiene tools available

As part of our coronavirus policy we have the following in place in our office:

  • Soap dispenser in our bathroom
  • Self-closing tap in the bathroom, so no need to touch the tap with your clean hands
  • Wall mounted tissue paper dispenser in our bathroom
  • Paper bin with a swing cover, no need to touch anything
  • Alcohol sanitisers at 70º at the entrance area and in our car

Although the warehouse is large enough with approx. 100 square metres, we do have a strict policy to not enter with more than 1 person at the same time. The entrance doors slide open widely up to 3 metres and we will be able to help you, even when you are standing in the door opening.

Lunch options

During our bike and walking tours we usually stop at a small tavern to enjoy a locally prepared lunch.
We feel that the current psychical distancing will be a challenge when we enter these small restaurants with a group.
Therefor we have temporarily replaced this for a stop in a village and we will build in a 1 hour slot of free time.
We will give suggestions where to go for lunch.
Alternatively you can bring your own packed lunch and sit in the village square on benches.
There are public toilets with hand washing facilities.
Only on the regular and SHARED Downhill Tours we offer a packed lunch.

Transport restrictions

We usually offer uphill transport for the downhill bike tours from our office near the coast to Mount Foia at 902 mtrs. However in the BASIC tour option you have now the option to arrange transport yourself.

On the SHARED and LUXURY tour you will share the tour with other participants, but NOT the transport uphill. The uphill transfer will only happen with the people of your own bubble, family or household.

Bubble Transport

Normally (pre-corona) for example with 12 participants we would take 4 people in our broom car and hire one 8-seater taxi mini-van. To maintain the physical distance between customers and our staff we don´t use the broom car for uphill lifts this (and next) year.

Now a group of 12 will be transported uphill as follows and masks are required to wear during transit:

  • for example a household of 6 will go in one 8-seater mini-van
  • a parent + teenager will go in a private taxi
  • 2 couples will go in a private XL taxi (7-seater)

Instead of hiring one van, we now hire 3 separate cars. We take a part of the extra costs, but also a part is reflected in the tour price.

Book transport for BASIC tour:

  • follow this link to book an Uber: https://www.uber.com/
  • Contact Frank for a reliable and affordable mini-bus service in case you are with 5 people or more

It is only necessary to book your own transport when you have booked the BASIC tour. Transport is included on the SHARED and LUXURY tours.

Our coronavirus policy excludes certain participants

We do love to go cycling with you. It is our passion, and we truly believe by riding a bike
it is the best way to be amazed by the beauty of nature that the interior of the Algarve has to offer.
Some people are at much greater risk from coronavirus than others.
Therefore at the moment with the current government’s guidelines we have to postpone reservations from the following people:

  • Everyone aged 70 or above, regardless of how healthy they are.
  • People of any age with specific underlying conditions.
  • People with medical conditions included
    • long-term respiratory problems, such as asthma, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); 
    • heart disease, such as heart failure; 
    • chronic kidney or liver disease; 
    • neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s and MS, 
    • problems with the spleen, including sickle cell disease, 
    • anyone with a weakened immune system, such as those with HIV/Aids, or on steroids or chemotherapy. 
  • People who are obese, with a BMI of 40 or more, 
  • Those who are pregnant are also in the high-risk group.
  • People who have had organ replacements and are on immuno-suppressants.
  • with cancer who are on chemo- or radio-therapy, people with bone marrow or blood cancers, such as leukaemia
  • with severe asthma, cystic fibrosis and other serious chest problems
  • people with other serious medical conditions

Drink water

Although not scientifically proven, it is known that drinking a few sips of water frequently will help to clear your throat and flush any germs down to your stomach. Here your natural stomach acids will kill them off.

As usual, we provide all clients with plenty of water to drink from our cool boxes before, during and after the tour.
We believe that beer does the same, so we will still give away a free beer after every bike tour 🙂

Symptoms & change your tour

We handle a no-hassle policy for refunds should you feel you are not able to do an activity with us. See here for our cancelation policy and contact Frank anytime.

Should you have the symptoms of Covid in the Algarve such as fever, coughing and difficulties breathing, please contact the National Health Services in Portugal at telephone +351 808 24 24 24 or go to SNS24.gov.pt.

Hopefully, this coronavirus will not affect you and your loved ones. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.


Phone/ WhatsApp +351 912 120 123 🇵🇹 🇳🇱 🇬🇧 🇩🇪

There is no scientific proof in the advice below.

coronavirus policy
coronavirus policy

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