Jeep-Safari 4WD-Tour

Jeep-Safari 4WD-Tour

Discover the Algarve interior off-road. On this Jeep Safari 4WD Tour we invite you to deep dive into local culture, flora, fauna and gastronomic specialities in the Algarve.

Reiseberater über Jeep Safari 4WD Tour Lovely day trip We had a great day with Vasco on a day trip up to mount Foia and Monchique. Very informative and a nice way to see the countryside.

Sie werden es lieben, wenn Sie:
✅ prefer to go off-the-beaten-track
✅ have interest in local gastronomy
✅ love nature, flora and fauna

Highlights & Itinerary

Make new friends, explore the Algarve interior off the beaten track and enjoy a tasty local Mittagessen on our Algarve Jeep Safari 4WD Tour.

Most of the Jeep Safari 4WD Tour will take place inland at half an hour driving from the coast.
You follow off road tracks, cross a little stream and visit old hillside villages where time has stood still.

Local stops on the 4WD Tour

Frequently you stop at a little farm to experience handcrafted Portuguese products. At one farm you see how a local liquor is made out of berries. You can taste his “medronho” firewater as well. After that your next stop on the 4WD tour is a farm where honey is collected and produced, and where you can taste the locally grown honey, bee pollen and jam. 

Later on we search for an iconic view point, as high as possible, with magnificent views over green valleys and all the way to the south coast.

In summer you stop at a nearby fresh water lake for a refreshing dive.

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Iconic Land Rover

Your vehicle for the day is a Land Rover. We´re proud to say that we love driving you around in an iconic Land Rover Defender 110. However this is not the recently launched new shiny Defender with all the gadgets and electronics.

Instead you step aboard of an old school and rugged Defender 110. The one that has brought millions of explorers overland to Africa, Asia and beyond. (For those who know; indeed Land Rover is not a Jeep)

Safety on the Jeep Safari

You are picked up by a Land Rover that has safety belts for all passengers, roll bars and good All Terrain off-road tyres. Moreover, the car inspection in Portugal is so  rigorous, that you can be assured your 4WD vehicle is in a good and safe condition. It has an open roof for fresh air, but we´ll close it if needed.

The Defender 110 has 8 passenger seats, however with the current covid measures in place, we use only 5 seats, unless you are travelling in one bubble of 8. Above all we want to ensure everyone to have a bit more space to feel completely comfortable.


At around midday your Land Rover will be parked at a local restaurant which is known for its tasty chicken piri-piri with home grown salad. Drinks (soda/wine/water) are on the house during this Jeep Safari.

A vegetarian or vegan option is available at no extra cost if pre-booked.

Cork tree forest

One stop that can’t be missed during the Jeep Safari is the Kork tree forest. Portuguese cork comes in a excellent quality. As a result it is used to cap the best quality champagne bottles, and it was used on one of the first space shuttles back in the 70’s. And what about the numbers painted on the trees ?

Your Jeep Safari Guide

To call your driver “a guide” is underestimated. He/she (yes, we also do have female drivers) is much more than that. For example your guide is first of all a trained and responsable driver. In addition all drivers are used to drive with people on board, and in off-road conditions. In other words your comfort and safety is nº 1 here.

We all love to laugh, right? Your driver loves to crack a joke, because he/she loves to see you with a smile on your face at the end of the day.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you want during the tour.

Knowledgable & fun

Not only your driver is proud of Portugal, above all he/she is also a deep source of all the secrets that the Algarve has. All drivers are selected for the love to share this special knowledge with their passengers. Therefore, the driver shares with you his/her secrets, little wisdoms and funny details, from every aspect in Algarve life.

Whether you have an interest for the Algarve indigenous or imported trees, storks of bee-eaters, the Jurassic coastline or the once (long time ago) volcanic mountains of the interior, you will not be disappointed about the knowledge of your driver. 

Best suited for:

Everyone between 2 and 70+ years with a healthy sense for adventure loves this tour. When you are interested in nature, local traditions and in addition in gastronomy you will definitely enjoy this day. This is a fun day for the whole family, from toddlers to the grandparents.


  • pick up & return your hotel/villa
  • lunch with a drink
  • medronho & honey tasting
  • driver/guide
  • fully licensed & insured
  • info about flora & fauna

Quick question ?

Speak or write with Frank our reservations manager, via Whatsapp +351 912 120 123
Or fill in the form below. We´ll get back soon.

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