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Travel deep into the sunny heartland of the Algarve by MTB. The Via Algarviana TransAlgarve takes you all the way from the Spanish border to the most south-western point of Europe, near the town of Sagres. Stay in clean, safe hotels, and eat delicious Portuguese specialities. Luggage and airport transfers, our Portuguese MTB guide and 10 GPS routes are available.

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You will love this if you:
✅ think a week in the saddle is awesome
✅ enjoy luggage transfers between B&B´s
✅ love experiencing new landscapes on a bike

The Great Portuguese Countryside

The route of the TransAlgarve runs along the Via Algarviana, also known as the Grande Route 13. It leads you from the Spanish border in the East, to Europe’s most South-Western cape; the Cabo São Vicente, in Sagres.

The Via Algarviana is relatively unknown and little used. On an average day, we rarely encounter more than a handful of people walking or biking along the tracks.

Most of the Via Algarviana can be travelled by MTB on double and single gravel tracks. These tracks wind through cork oaks and eucalyptus forests, or over grasslands and woodlands.

Needless to say, there won’t be much traffic to deal with. Instead, you will ride through ancient villages where time stands still and local farmers sell their produce in the small, lively markets.

Originally designed as a hiking path, we have re-designed the trail for mountain bikers. We’ve also taken the time to find the best places for you to spend the night when you come and ride the Via Algarviana by MTB.

Ride Just Part, Or All Of The Via Algarviana

Mostly made up of double and single tracks, there are some sections where you ride on tarmac or asphalt to reach the next off-road trail. You will be riding between 60km – 80km a day, whilst climbing 1000m – 1500m in altitude.

As the Via Algarviana was originally designed as a hiking route, we have included extra loops around some of the obstacles that bikers face, such as steps and terraces.

The TransAlgarve Mountain Bike Week challenges your physical skills, making it excellent for (winter) training. You can cover up to 350 kilometres, off-road, all in one week. And have a brilliant time while doing it.

History Of The Via Algarviana By MTB

The Via Algarviana was established by Almargem, a local Algarve authority, and is well maintained for both walkers ánd mountain bikers. It covers over 300km (200 miles), stretching from the Spanish border to Cabo São Vicente in Sagres; the most south-westerly tip of Europe.

Algarve Outdoor Tours is a licensed outdoor adventure company, located in the Algarve. Established in 2001, we have years of experience in mountain biking, hiking and kayaking in the Algarve. We’ve explored it all and discovered the best parts that we share with you on our tours.

In 2012, Algarve Outdoor Tours became the first Certified Partner of Almargem, privileged to support and promote the Via Algarviana.

By collaborating with local associations, guides and accommodation providers, we believe that we can offer you a truly authentic mountain biking experience in Portugal.

Tour Options

SHARED – Join one of our 2022 pre-planned departures.
Book individually and ride with like-minded folk on this Self-Guided MTB Holiday.
Clean & safe. Best value for money. With a choice of 10 GPS routes, a 4×4 support car and luggage transfers.

PRIVATE – Book the self-guided MTB Holiday with your bike buddies (min 2 pax).
Start on any day of the year that suits you. A choice of 10 GPS routes, a support car and luggage transfers are included.

GROUP – Book the guided Trans Algarve MTB Holiday as a group and ride with our Portuguese MTB guide. Start any day of the year. Our 4×4 support car and all transfers are included.

Ride the Via Algarviana by MTB clean and safe

Covid-19 “Clean & Safe”
Portugal takes Covid19 seriously and has low numbers of cases and fatalities. Algarve Outdoor Tours is committed to following its coronavirus policy.

Ride With An MTB Guide Or GPS

Take up to 20 riders on this week-long mountain biking trip. You can start at any time of the year but we do not recommend biking along the Via Algarviana during the hot summer months of July and August.

The heat isn’t the only problem during these months. As they are the peak of the holiday season most accommodations have limited availability. However, please do contact us if these months are your only opportunity and we’ll do our best to plan a pleasant and affordable trip for you.

Choose Between 10 GPS Routes

Before you travel to Portugal you will receive 10 GPS routes by email. You can upload and install them on your device before you come to get an idea of the complete route. The TransAlgarve is generally well signposted. However, we strongly recommend that you use a GPS device for reference.

We have cycled the TransAlgarve ourselves many times over the past 10 years. The GPS routes provided by us are the direct result of all our experience. When you receive the GPS files you can choose the route that suits your skill level and interests best. This is ideal for if you prefer to book our Self-Guided MTB Holiday.

Portuguese MTB Guide

You can ride the Trans Algarve with our MTB guide. Our bi-lingual Portuguese guide knows the area very well, speaks the local language and has technical skills to help you with a repair should you happen to need one. You will still receive all our GPS routes, just in case you wish to spend a day riding at your own pace or doing your own thing.

Airport and luggage transfers

Our airport transfers are private and exclusive, just for you and your group. Your transfer from the airport to the first hotel on the day you arrive, and your return transfer from your hotel back to the airport on departure day are included. Should you need additional transfers, feel free to request a quote from us.

If you wish to bring your own bike we will transport it from/to the airport as well. We strongly advise you to wrap and box your bike securely. During the week your bike box will be stored, safe and dry, in our bike storage unit.

In addition, we transfer your luggage every day to your next accommodation. Our van and its driver is available and on stand-by ready, for any assistance, you may need during the day.

Beste Suited For Those…

  • Between 16 -70 years of age
  • With mountain bike experience
  • With a good level of fitness

Although it’s more of a social trip than a competitive event, please make sure that you and your equipment are in excellent working shape for this challenging week.

We assume that when you book this holiday, you already have some mountain biking experience, and that you’re not joining this tour to learn to ride, or to just give it a go.

Our bike guides and team members hold valid First Aid certificates and know the quickest ways to emergency health services. We have an excellent safety record, and it’s our intention to keep it that way.

When To Ride The Via Algarviana by MTB

It’s best to avoid the hot and busy months of July and August for this mountain biking week. The interior of the Algarve is much hotter than the coast. Not only that, but accommodation is hard to find and more expensive during the peak season.

The Algarve winter months are great for biking, however, the weather in December, January and February is sometimes a bit less stable. You could be lucky and get to ride your bike under blue skies all week, but it is possible to encounter an occasional shower at this time of year.

Daytime temperatures range between 15 – 19º C.

We’ve found that the most pleasant time to ride the TransAlgarve is during the months of January, February (springtime starts!), March, April, May, June, and September, October and November.

Daytime temperatures are between 20 – 30º C and the weather is generally dry and sunny.

Via Algarviana Itinerary

Your route will take you through the magnificent interior of the Algarve. Discover traditional villages of a bygone era and explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Sotavento and Barrocal, the Eastern and Western Algarve. This route presents you the sub-tropical flora and fauna from the most interesting sites in the area.

Your overnight stays are in rural accommodations, located in unique settings in the Portuguese countryside. Here you can take some time to relax and fill up your reserves for the next day with a healthy and nutritious dinner. And, we’ll make sure there is a nice, cool drink waiting for you upon your arrival. Might be best to steer clear of the local fire-water though.

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