Fitness Levels Required

Please view below about the fitness levels required for the various activities. You will also have an idea what to expect on how technical the activity is. Weather, wave and wind conditions may change unexpectedly at the last moment.

Fitness levels required

  1. ZERO ——– I´m completely out of shape!
  2. BASIC ——- I have a basic level of fitness, because I have an active daily life;
  3. OK ———– I play sports 1 x week (e.g. 1 – 2 hr. walk, swim, cycling, ball sports);
  4. GOOD —— I have a good level of fitness, I do sport activities twice a week;
  5. FIT ———– I am a fit person and do endurance activities at least three times a week;
  6. EXTREME – I am addicted to fitness sports, and exercise almost daily and feel very fit !

Technical level required

Cycling & mountain biking

  • A – city & valley cycling on well-maintained roads & cycle paths:
  • B – flat roads or downhill cycling on tarmac forest paths and B-roads;
  • C – double tracks with some moderate up and downhill parts;
  • D – single & double tracks with technical parts and 1000 or more climbing meters per day.

Canoeing & kayaking

  • A – mostly calm & flat waters with little current (< 1 knots) and some light breeze; easy & frequent landings are available;
  • B – exposed waters with moderate currents (1 – 2 knots) and sea breeze; landing not always possible everywhere;
  • C – open water with unexpected currents and strong winds; landing not always possible nearby;
  • D – white water conditions with breaking waves or rapids and cold water; wetsuit and self-rescue knowledge needed.

Rambling, walking, hiking & Nordic Walking

  • A – flat & wide well-maintained roads with no traffic;
  • B – gravel roads and double tracks with some moderate up & downhill;
  • C – double and single tracks with frequently up & downhill;
  • D – single tracks and rough terrain with stones/water/mud and parts that go steep up & downhill
fitness levels required

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