See below the resources that we use at Algarve Outdoor Tours in Portugal on this website.

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These tools will assist you in the following ways: 

  • making your house transfer to Portugal less stressful and smoother – integrating into Portuguese society more quickly and effectively
  • improve your quality of life in the Algarve
  • improve your vacation experience in Portugal.

The Human Mind Is Our Fundamental Resource

John F. Kennedy


These resources are loosely divided into the following categories:


We recommend conducting your own research before using or purchasing any product listed here.
Things change, the company’s level of customer service may vary,
and the reviews we present on this website have a time stamp and are not always monitored.

This list is growing and changing all the time. Check back in regularly, thank you.


We also want to be transparent and inform you,
that we receive a little fee from the supplier on some products.
The price that you pay for a service remains unchanged.

It´s not about your Resources, it´s about your Resourcefulness

Tony Robbins

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Jochen Zeitz
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