Glossika reviews

What is Glossika?

Glossika is a language learning software that uses the mass sentence approach to assist students in improving their listening and speaking abilities.

Read on for Glossika reviews that will educate you on the benefits and drawbacks of this online language platform.

Glossika reviews


Here are some potential benefits and features of using Glossika to learn European Portuguese:

  • Immersion: Glossika’s mass sentence method is centred on repetition and immersion, which can help learners become more comfortable and confident in the language.
  • Full-practice mode: Glossika offers this full-practice mode which includes typing, dictation, listening, recall and recording exercises.
  • Listening-only mode (just listening and recording, which is so helpful whilst running, walking or travelling).
  • Sentence bank: Glossika’s sentence bank contains thousands of sentences in European Portuguese, which can give learners a wealth of exposure to the language.
  • Customizable: Glossika allows learners to customize their learning experience by adjusting the speed of the audio recordings, the frequency of repetition, and the number of sentences per day.
  • Quizzes and exercises: Glossika provides quizzes and exercises that can help learners test and practice their understanding of the language.
  • 60+ languages: should you want to catch up or improve any other language, Glossika let you switch easily between languages.
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Glossika’s Methodology: A Fusion of Science and Innovation

  • Repetition with Purpose: Glossika’s system of spaced repetition helps you retain information longer by revisiting vocabulary before it’s forgotten.
  • Memory in Motion: Glossika’s active recall exercises challenge your memory and deepen your understanding of the language.
  • Learning Through Challenge: With Glossika’s “n+1” approach, you’ll receive content slightly beyond your current level, creating the ideal balance of comprehensibility and desirable difficulty.
  • Sentence Symphony: Glossika’s sentence mining method prioritizes whole sentences over individual words, allowing you to uncover the patterns and meaning of the language at your own pace. This immersion in the language leads to a stronger, more lasting memory.

What to expect

It’s important to note that Glossika’s method and materials may not be suitable for all learners, especially those who prefer a more traditional, structured approach to language learning. Additionally, Glossika may not provide enough context or explanation for beginners, and the lack of grammar instruction could be a disadvantage for some learners.

Glossika reviews

User reviews of Glossika’s European Portuguese online language course are generally positive, with users praising the course’s effective teaching methods and variety of materials. Some users have reported significant improvement in their Portuguese language skills after using the course.

There is a mix of positive and negative reviews for Glossika’s European Portuguese online language course. Some users praise the course’s structure and effectiveness, while others find it too repetitive and not engaging enough.

Some users praise the course for its effectiveness in improving their language skills, while others find it less helpful or lacking in certain areas such as grammar explanation.


Overall, users seem to have a positive experience with Glossika’s European Portuguese online language course.

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