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LingQ is a language learning platform that provides a comprehensive and personalized approach to language study. It offers a variety of features to help users learn the European Portuguese language, including interactive lessons, real-world content, and an active exchange community. We´ll explain in this LingQ review why it is our most preferred online platform for learning European Portuguese.

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Benefits of LingQ

LingQ is a fun language-learning journey. With LingQ, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • A massive library of lessons: Choose from a plethora of lessons in European Portuguese and learn at your own pace.
  • Interactive and fun lessons: Say goodbye to boring language classes! LingQ’s lessons are interactive and filled with listening exercises, flashcards, and dictation, making your learning journey an engaging experience.
  • Personalized learning: LingQ adapts to your learning style, tracking your progress and adjusting lessons to your skill level. Not sure what your level is? Do the Free Proficiency Test.
  • Immerse yourself in the language: LingQ emphasizes immersion-style learning, allowing you to engage with authentic content and build your vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Learn from native speakers: Practice speaking with native speakers through LingQ’s conversation exchange feature, perfecting your skills in real-life situations.
  • A built-in dictionary and translator: No need to constantly switch between different language tools, LingQ has everything you need in one place, including a dictionary and translator.

There is more to consider

  • Join a community of learners: You’re not alone in your language-learning journey! Connect with a community of fellow language learners and get motivated and inspired along the way.
  • Learn on the Go: Take your language learning journey with you, anywhere and anytime! With LingQ’s app and browser accessibility, you can learn on the bus, waiting in a queue, or lounging on the couch.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Choose the pricing plan that fits your budget and language learning goals. LingQ offers flexible options so you can learn at your own pace and on your own terms. You can start for FREE. Why not give a monthly subscription to someone you know who lives in Portugal?
  • Portuguese for Specific Purposes: Whether you need Portuguese for business, travel, or any other specific purpose, LingQ has got you covered. Start speaking Portuguese like a pro in no time!

LingQ´s Methodology

  • LingQ is a language learning platform that combines various elements of language acquisition into a single system.
  • The LingQ methodology emphasizes “reading to learn” where users read authentic content in the target language and learn new vocabulary and grammar through context.
  • Users can save new words and phrases asLingQs” to review and study later.
  • Other features include audio lessons, interactive exercises, a built-in dictionary and grammar references.
  • The platform provides a community of language learners and teachers to connect with, allowing users to practice speaking and receive feedback.
  • The LingQ methodology emphasizes an immersive approach to language learning, using authentic content and various tools to reinforce learning.

Differences between European & Brazilian Portuguese

European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are two distinct variations of the Portuguese language, with differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and usage. While the basic grammar and sentence structure is the same, Brazilian Portuguese has adopted many words from indigenous languages and African slaves, leading to a much richer vocabulary.


The pronunciation of European Portuguese is also more phonetic and has a more musical intonation, while Brazilian Portuguese is characterized by more open vowels and a stronger stress on certain syllables.


These differences have also led to differences in the usage of certain words and expressions, making it important for speakers of one variety to be aware of the differences when communicating with speakers of the other. Read more on the LingQ Blog about this interesting topic. Or learn now about the 11 most essential words in Portuguese.

LingQ Reviews by users

In this LingQ review, we also looked at how other people experience the platform. Overall, we can see that LingQ is a popular language-learning platform that has received positive feedback for its interactive approach to learning and its extensive library of lessons and resources in multiple languages.

Some users praised the platform for its simplicity and personalised learning experience, while others praised the platform’s community of language learners and instructors. See more user reviews on the LingQ website.

The 11 Most Essential Portuguese Words

(accordingly to LingQ)

Amigo – Amor – Dia – Legal – Palavra – Coisa – Obrigado – Casa – O que – Você – Bom

Friend – Love – Day – Cool – Word – Thing – Thank you – House – What – You – Good


To summarise this LingQ review, we believe that this is an excellent language-learning platform that provides a comprehensive and personalised approach to learning European Portuguese.

LingQ is a complete language-learning solution that provides a fun and engaging journey to language fluency with its massive library of lessons, interactive and fun lessons, personalised learning, immersion-style learning, and built-in dictionary and translator.

LingQ is also tailored to your specific needs, with flexible pricing plans and the ability to learn on the go via the app. Everyone, whether an Expat, a student, or a foreign investor, can quickly learn to speak Portuguese. Learn to speak Portuguese now, whether for travel, business, or personal growth.

Overall, users have praised LingQ for its effective and interactive approach to language learning. You can open a free account at the LingQ website.

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