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What is Practice Portuguese?

In this Practice Portuguese Review, you´ll find an answer to why this online platform is such a great tool for learning European Portuguese. It is run by a friendly Lisbon couple that posts weekly shorties and maintains a fun Instagram account.

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Some of the benefits and features of using this platform include the following:

  • Access to a wide variety of learning materials, such as audio and video lessons, grammar explanations, quizzes, and exercises
  • Interactive exercises that help learners practice their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills
  • A community forum where learners can ask questions and connect with other learners and native speakers
  • Customizable lesson plans that allow learners to focus on specific areas of the language they want to improve
  • A mobile app that will enable learners to access their lessons and exercises on-the-go
  • A progress tracking system that helps learners keep track of their progress and measure their improvement over time.
  • Weekly new shorties – short, fun audio clips
  • Entertaining Instagram posts
  • Active Online Forum where you can meet accountability partners
  • Frequent meet-ups across the whole country

Practice Portuguese Methodology

  • Begin with Units, which are structured as a comprehensive course that starts from beginner level A1 and can be progressed to level B2 – Upper Intermediate.
  • Every Unit includes Learning Notes, Lessons, and a Shorty, where you can follow a dialogue based on what you have learned.
  • Then, there are the Smart Review Flash Cards. These serve as your personal multimedia notebook. Add useful phrases to your Smart Review, and you can also incorporate phrases from Learning Notes, Shorties, and Videos.
  • The Smart Review helps you transition from just “knowing” the language to actually “using” it.
  • Brush up on grammar in the Verbs Section and enhance your understanding through interactive quizzes.
  • A convenient translation tool is integrated to increase your vocabulary and learn new phrases.
  • Finally, put your Portuguese skills into practice by using Shorties, watching Videos, and listening to Podcasts on-the-go.”

Practice Portuguese website – mobile app – social media

Practice Portuguese is widely available and mostly for free on their website and all modern social media channels. And they are now even featured on board of the TAP Air Portugal fleet.

Practice Portuguese Reviews

I have found Practice Portuguese to be an excellent resource for improving my understanding and speaking skills in European Portuguese. The site provides a useful tool for listening to spoken Portuguese. It is easy to correct my pronunciation through repetitive listening exercises. The system is learner-driven and focuses on real European Portuguese, including pronunciation assistance.

The vast database of questions and answers allows for repeated lessons and revision of difficult aspects. The teaching methodology is exactly what I was looking for and the price is very reasonable for the quality of service.

I have also found the spaced repetition on the flashcards to be a great feature in learning Portuguese. I appreciate being able to select relevant words and phrases and then add them to my flashcard/notepad.

The podcast is also excellent and I have now also started using the mobile app. The Units are thoughtfully put together and of a good length. All the units being unlocked from the beginning helped me focus on what I needed to use in real life.

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As a user, I highly recommend the Practice Portuguese learning system for those seeking to improve their understanding and speaking skills in European Portuguese. The site offers valuable listening exercises, a learner-driven app, real European Portuguese pronunciation assistance, and a comprehensive teaching platform. The spaced repetition on the flashcards, thoughtful learning units, and unlocked units from the start make it an ideal tool for real-life application. I also appreciate the excellent podcast and reasonable pricing for the quality of service.

Start now learning European Portuguese for free on the Practice Portuguese website. And upgrade to become a Premium member when you´re ready for it.

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