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Here you´ll find all relevant info about Algarve Outdoor Tours.

Outdoor-Tours.com Lda is a licensed Algarve outdoor adventure company and fully recognised by the Portuguese government:
Tour Operator License/Animação Turistica Alvará (MT): RNAAT 61/2007
Travel Agency License/Agencia Viagens Alvará: RNAVT 6242

Portuguese hospitality

We believe that the really friendly people, the pleasant outdoor climate and the Portuguese hospitality make the Algarve a true active holiday and incentive destination in the world.

History of Algarve outdoor adventure company

We have been cycling, canoeing & hiking in the Algarve since 1996.

In 2001 Dutchman Frank and his team started a business under the name “Foia Downhill Tours”. He started running downhill mountain bike tours from the Fóia. This is, with 902 meters, the highest mountain of the Serra de Monchique (Algarve). In the following years the company enlarged its program with walking and canoeing tours. The company´s name changed into Outdoor-Tours.com. From this moment on more activities such as teambuilding, beach events, school camps and incentives were added.

In the meantime Algarve Outdoor Tours developed close partnerships with selected Portuguese companies. We can now  provide more activities such as kite surfing, sailing, jeep safaris, wine tasting, golf, go-karting, dolphin watching and nightlife & entertainment.

Outdoor-Tours.com has been in business since 2001 and has been offering exclusive downhill cycling tours throughout that time period. As the Algarve Outdoor Adventure Company we have a wide selection of outdoor adventures available. Our adventures are family friendly and are available on several different expert levels. And we offer these adventures all year round. We provide bike tours, ocean kayak trips, hiking trips, corporate events, and even business events.


The founder and owner of Algarve Outdoor Tours is Frank Koopman. He is Dutch and has been working with outdoor activities since 1993 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Portugal. Frank is a certified outdoor adventure instructor for hiking, climbing, canoein and mountain biking. He followed a complete education at the Dutch CIOS (Central Institute Education Sportleaders) and graduated successfully on level 4 as an adventure instructor & coordinator. Additionally to his function as the owner of Outdoor-Tours.com, Frank is managing the company.

He is specialized in all matters of safety and is also responsible for the supervision and training of the staff members.

Exclusive Cycling Tours

Our Downhill Cycling Tour starts at the top of Serra de Monchique peak and is guided through a scenic tour of the hills below. The Downhill Cycling Tour takes place on asphalt and tarmac, therefore they are perfect for all skill levels. Throughout the tour, your guide will stop and allow you to take photos of various scenic landmarks that you will likely want to remember long after your tour has ended.

For the more skilled rider we offer on separate days the Downhill Off-road Tour. Discover the trails in the Monchique Mountains, start at 902 mtrs and descend with us all the way down to sea level. We ride Giant 29-ers.

Ocean Kayak Trips

Do you love the ocean? Are you adventures and free spirited? Then you will love our ocean kayak trips! Along with our exclusive downhill cycling tours, our incredible ocean kayak tours are one of our most requested adventures.

Lagos Boat Trips

Algarve Outdoor Tours added a motorboat to our way of exploring the beautiful coastline near Lagos. The caves, tunnels and hidden beaches are now accessible for everyone with our new motorboat called Chiamara.

Hiking Trips

Hiking trips are an excellent way to experience the lush country side of Serra de Monchique and this is just one more adventure our experienced team guides you through. When you walk with us a support vehicle will be stand-by, and above all lunch is included!

If you are looking for a personal & friendly adventure company who is certified, bonded and insured, then look no further than us. Our 20 years of experience and customer first attitude guarantees that you will have the time of your life high in the mountains of Serra de Monchique and down by the coast and on the sea..


Algarve Outdoor Tours aims to be a allround Algarve outdoor adventure company. By providing outdoor adventure activities & products, we aim to offer you a true outdoor experience in an environment friendly way.

Our keywords:


Our values:

Small groups

  • Algarve Outdoor Tours offers non-motorised outdoor activities. We genuinely believe that the best way to discover the nature and the country side of your holiday destination is by foot, bicycle or kayak.
  • The manager/owner has 20+ years of experience in guiding outdoor activity groups, and it has shown us that you will have the most intensive travel experience in small groups. Our outdoor activity groups usually have a maximum of 15 people.
  • Visiting a country means an invitation by the local people. We aim on every tour that you meet the true hospitality and friendship of the local Portuguese people.
  • The local people make an effort to meet yours and our travel expectations. Therefore, we commit to support the local economy by employing and book services offered by local people and entrepreneurs.


  • The environment is the most precious to all of us and our children. We aim to leave the Portuguese nature and countryside untouched after enjoying your outdoor experience. We clean up and distribute our garbage separately to the responsible government bodies.
  • Our staff will make the best out of your holiday. Through our training and motivation program, our enthusiastic guides know how to meet your travel expectations and translate his/her knowledge into a great outdoor experience for you and your group. After every activity we evaluate with the guide the level of safety, client satisfaction and points of improvement.
  • Above all, the safety of you and your travel partners is most important to us. Our mission values will never be in conflict with your safety, because your safety and well-being is priority nº 1 for us.

Larger groups welcome

  • We do offer motorised activities in occasionally larger groups. To be able to offer a complete outdoor program we cooperate with local and carefully selected partners. These licensed companies are checked frequently on our responsible travel values and safety matters.
  • We do host groups with 15 – 150 participants as well. These, often corporate incentive, programs are always attached to our environmental friendly protocol which assigns all participants, staff of Outdoor-Tours.com and it´s suppliers.

See here our exciting nature activities, sunny adventure weekends, active holidays and successful incentives. Contact us with your special request.

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