Kayaking Lagos

The beaches around Lagos are some of the most beautiful ones of the Algarve. The impressive huge rock formation named Ponta da Piedade is most admired because of its caves, rocks and wonderfully transparent water.

Over the years innumerable beautiful sea caves and hollows have been washed out by the sea. The only way to access these caves is by boat and kayak. Come closer to this natural wonder. Kayak along the deserted beaches of Ponta da Piedade.

Visit the caves and be amazed by the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean. Join Outdoor-Tours.com on these adventurous kayak trips in the Algarve.

In the summer (May – October) the water is warm enough for swimming and snorkeling. In the winter we provide wetsuits for those who wish one to use.

Outdoor-Tours.com, Lda a type of kayak which is the so called sit-on model and is known for its safe and easy-to-handle capacities.

Book the famous Coastal Cave Trip.

Come kayaking in the quiet winter.

Hire a kayak and explore on your own