Portuguese online course overview

Reading this European Portuguese online course overview before moving to Portugal can provide a number of benefits.

Firstly, it can help to reduce culture shock and make it easier to navigate everyday situations, such as ordering food or finding your way around the city.

Secondly, it can also help you make more meaningful connections with people and better understand the culture.

Additionally, learning Portuguese online allows you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule, making it more convenient than traditional classroom-based language courses.

Furthermore, online resources such as language classes, apps, and online communities, can provide you with a variety of ways to practice and improve your Portuguese language skills. Overall, learning European Portuguese online can help to make your transition to living in Portugal smoother and more enjoyable.

European Portuguese online course overview of 3 popular platforms

Glossika, Practice Portuguese, and LingQ are all online European Portuguese language courses that aim to help learners improve their speaking and listening skills. For this Portuguese online course overview, I have looked into 3 online platforms and their differences

Glossika uses a spaced repetition method, where learners are exposed to the same phrases multiple times in different contexts to improve retention.

Practice Portuguese focuses on conversation practice with native speakers.

LingQ allows learners to read and listen to authentic Portuguese content, and then quiz themselves on new vocabulary.

All three courses offer comprehensive lesson plans and materials and cater to different learning styles and preferences.


Glossika is a language learning platform that uses a method called “mass sentence method” which is designed to help users acquire a new language through repetition and immersion. Here are some benefits of using Glossika to learn European Portuguese:

  • The mass sentence method emphasizes listening and speaking skills, which can be beneficial for acquiring a new language
  • The platform provides a large number of sentences and audio recordings, which can help users get a lot of exposure to the language
  • The platform includes a variety of exercises and quizzes to help users practice and test their understanding of the language
  • Glossika provides a way to practice and improve comprehension and speaking, which is important in language learning.


Learning Portuguese with Glossika can be an immersive and effective journey, but it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. On the one hand, Glossika’s mass sentence method, which is centred on repetition and immersion, can be a great way to enhance your listening and speaking skills. The platform’s vast collection of sentences and audio recordings can give you a wealth of exposure to the language. The various exercises and quizzes can help you test and practice your understanding. However, on the flip side, the mass sentence method may not appeal to those who prefer a more traditional, structured approach to language learning. Additionally, Glossika may not provide enough context or explanation for beginners. See a more in-depth review on the next page, or go to Glossika to sign up for a free account to start.

Practice Portuguese

Practice Portuguese is a well-known online learning platform for European Portuguese. 

Rui Coimbra and Joel Rendall founded the site after recognising the need for help and involving material for learning European Portuguese.

Originally just an audio podcast with transcripts, the site has expanded to include discussion forums.
Here you can ask all of your challenging questions about the Portuguese language.
It offers a full-text podcast, a learning studio, and a verbs area,
where you can see the most popular verbs in their most popular combinations (with audio).
Read here our in-depth review of Practice Portuguese.


Practice Portuguese particularly excels with its shorties (short audio podcasts), which are worth the monthly payments alone. The episodes focus on practical circumstances such as going shopping and going to sign up for a mobile phone plan. Every week, new episodes with various speakers are released, and each episode includes a transcript.

Different shorties are geared for different levels, ranging from beginner to expert. Beginners will probably find the content more valuable because all levels will be relevant to them (even if they will need to rely on the transcripts for the later levels), but advanced learners may find some of the earlier levels too simple, which means there won’t be as much content.


Practice Portuguese not only provides information for everyday scenarios but also provides a wonderful introduction to the Portuguese way of life, notably through films with Rui’s family members. Not only do these films provide fascinating insights into topics such as a Portuguese Christmas, but they also allow you to hear Portuguese as it is spoken by ordinary Portuguese people, complete with transcripts.


Practice Portuguese is one of the few websites that entirely focus on European Portuguese and also has an app available for both Android and iOS smartphones. The app’s material is comparable to that available on the internet; however, it is meant to be easier to use on a phone. One of the most useful tools is the ‘Smart Review,’ which allows you to make a playlist of all the words and phrases you’ve highlighted to learn.

Read about Practice Portuguese on the next page.

Or open a free account to start immediately.


Learning Portuguese with LingQ is like going on a journey through the beautiful landscapes of Portugal! The platform offers a wide range of authentic materials, such as news articles, podcasts, and videos, which are like postcards from different cities and regions. You’ll get to practice your listening and reading comprehension skills while exploring the culture and language of the country.

Built-in dictionary

The built-in dictionary and flashcard feature are like having a trusty travel guide by your side. You’ll be able to easily look up unfamiliar words and phrases, which is like having a secret decoder ring to help you understand everything around you.


LingQ also offers a community feature where you can interact with native speakers and other learners. It’s like having a group of travel buddies to share your experiences with. You’ll get to improve your speaking and writing skills while having fun!

The platform provides a lot of interactive content to make learning fun, think of it as a treasure hunt. It’s not always a smooth ride, some users may find the interface to be cluttered and overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be navigating it like a pro.


Overall, LingQ is a great resource for those who want to learn Portuguese and have a good level of proficiency. It offers a wide range of authentic materials and interactive content, as well as a built-in dictionary and flashcard feature. So pack your bags and let’s start exploring Portugal with LingQ!

See our in-depth review.

Or dive in and open a free account now.

Conclusion of the Portuguese Online Course Overview

In conclusion, this Portuguese online course overview – Glossika, Practise Portuguese, and Lingq – offers unique features and approaches to learning the language.

Glossika is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their listening and speaking skills through comprehensive audio-based lessons.

Practice Portuguese is a great option for learners who prefer a more traditional approach to language learning, with a focus on grammar and vocabulary. Lastly,

Lingq is best suited for those who want to learn Portuguese through reading and listening to real-world materials

It’s recommended to try the free version of each course before committing to one. Contact us anytime if you wish to add anything.

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